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The King Of Gothic Literature - 1321 Words

Samuel Morales Professor Coffman English 103 28 April 2015 The King of Gothic Gothic literature is an new, and young concept to many. It barely popped it’s head out in the mere eighteen hundreds. One of those who well mastered the concept of this was Stephen King. Stephen King was able to wrap his mind around the topic, and bend it to his will. By today’s date, Stephen King has already based some of his best works of art, of horror literature, with the fusion of gothic elements and today’s horror. Gothic literature can be defined as writing that employs dark and picturesque scenery, startling and melodramatic narrative devices, and an overall atmosphere of exoticism, mystery, and dread. Often, a gothic novel or story will revolve around a large, ancient house that conceals a terrible secret or that serves as the refuge of an especially frightening and threatening character (Kennedy). Stephen King is able grasp this definition within Gothic literature, and put it into a more recent setting with people from this era. Creat ing some of his best works of art. One of his most famous works of art, that employs Gothic literature very well, is Salem’s Lot. Salem’s Lot is the story of a modern day Dracula that takes over the town of Jerusalem’s Lot in Maine. The setting itself is a key part of gothic literature due to the fact that it is a small resort town, easily capable of being run over. The small setting gives the reader a gothic sense of fear of what is to come next, or whatShow MoreRelatedWomen in Gothic Literature Essay862 Words   |  4 PagesWomen in gothic literature are presented as either evil or victims how far do you agree? The Gothic genre is an increasingly popular area for feminist studies, showing contrasts in society at the time and the expectations of women within it. In pre industrial times, women were expected to play a subservient role to men, they were expected to marry young and bare children, they would simply care for their husbands and support the family, they were denied the right to vote or own property and wereRead MoreEssay about Edgar Allen Poes Gothicism695 Words   |  3 Pagesthough, think more powerful words such as revolutionary, intellectual, or gothic. Poe’s works such as Pit And The Pendulum, The Tell-Tale Heart, Hop-Frog, and The Fall of the House of Usher are considered to be staple works of the 19th century gothic genre. Elements of gothic writing include the number seven, madness, and ironic twists. E.A. Poe used the number seven in his writings to express his gothic style of literature. For example, in Pit And The Pendulum when the character attempted to mapRead MoreEdgar Allan Poe s The Haunted Palace Essay943 Words   |  4 PagesEdgar Allan Poe: The Haunted Palace Edgar Allan Poe is a classic name in literature and is known for many of his works. Most of his works reflect one s thoughts, emotions and life. Many of his works fall under the category of Gothic literature, which is a combination of horror, death, and a little romance. Edgar Allan Poe s poem The Haunted Palace is a perfect example of Gothic literature, that also has a twist on romance. The Haunted Palace is one of Poe s most explicitly allegoricalRead MoreArgumentative Essay On The Fall Of The House Of Usher1169 Words   |  5 Pages â€Å"Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win†(King). Stephen King is one of the most famous horror fiction writers in history, with such classic works as The Shining and It on his resume. However, King would be nothing if it weren’t for the tortured, Edgar Allan Poe(1809-1849). Poe’s works seem to project the monsters and ghosts which lived inside him, through his awful, short life. Poe writings are woven tightly with language holding hidden meaningsRead MoreKings Gothic Naturalism1677 Words   |  7 PagesNaturalist writers of the early 20th century convey the notion that persons are fated to whatever station in life their biological heredity and social environment prepare them for. Those who profess to be proponents of the naturalist perspective see literature as a means to understand the nature of man. Since â€Å"the naturalist found in scientific discovery only a confirmation of humankind’s helples sness in the face of indifferent and inscrutable forces,† their writings usually generate an uninspiring ideaRead MoreGothic Literature : Modern Day Films And Television1445 Words   |  6 PagesDuring the late 1700s, there was an exploration of various artifacts and literature of Gothic times. Different cultural artifacts and Gothic Literature were made as an introduction to the scene and expressed well. As we move on to the 18th century, some poets also tried to connect more with the emotions of readers. Many young and dynamic writers started their story writing from Gothic Literature times. There were many female writers as well that emerged as the great writers and survivors of thoseRead MoreDramatic Elements In The Masque Of The Red Death925 Words   |  4 PagesPoe Puts the Lit in Gothic Literature Edgar Allan Poe, a popular writer, who lived during the mid-1800s wrote gothic short stories and poetry. In one of his stories,â€Å"The Masque of the Red Death,† there is a prince, Prince Prospero, who locks himself and a chosen group of people into his castle to escape from a contagious pestilence, â€Å"the Red Death†. At the castle, he throws a masquerade ball and an unknown figure shows up looking like the disease. Nobody knows who it is or how they got in, throughoutRead MoreGothic Literature and the Writings of Edgar Allan Poe Essays850 Words   |  4 Pagescalled Gothic Literature. It is not only considered to involve the horror or gothic element but is combined with romance, superstition, women in distress, omens, portents, vision and supernatural events to name a few (Beesly). The history and beginning of this era is not well known. From a few writers came this writing style that has impacted the world. A famous artists known for this type of writing is a m an named Edgar Allan Poe. He wrote many short stories and poems that include horror, gothic, andRead MorePoe vs. Hawthorne: Dark But Not Necessarily Gothic Essay1544 Words   |  7 PagesIn the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, a new literary genre sprung up, the Gothic story. In the United States, the most prominent exponent of Gothic fiction was Edgar Allen Poe, whose â€Å"horror† tales conjure up the dark side that many of us at least half-believe is hidden just beneath the surface of the most conventional lives. In this paper we will discuss the Gothic in light of two of Poe’s stories, â€Å"Ligeia†, and â€Å"The Fall of the House of Usher,† and contrast Poe’s story with a somewhatRead MoreEdgar Allen Poe s Death Of Rock And Roll1147 Words   |  5 PagesEveryone knows Michael Jackson as the king of pop. Elvis Presley is famously the king of rock and roll. But what about gothic literature? Yes, even a genre of literature can hav e a throne. And who occupies that throne you may ask? Edgar Allen Poe, that’s who. Believed to have originated in Germany in the 1700s, gothic literature is the genre where the romantic movement found its home. It began with unrequited love stories ending in tragic suicide, then evolved into happily ever afters in France.

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Definition of Ergonomics

Definition: Ergonomics is the science of work. Ergonomics derives from two Greek words: ergon, meaning work, and nomoi, meaning natural laws. Combined they create a word that means the science of work and a persons relationship to that work. In application ergonomics is a discipline focused on making products and tasks comfortable and efficient for the user. Ergonomics is sometimes defined as the science of fitting the work to the user instead of forcing the user to fit the work. However this is more a primary ergonomic principle rather than a definition. Also Known As: Human Factors, Human Engineering, Human Factors Engineering Examples: Using proper posture and body mechanics, good placement of computer equipment, comfortable handles and grips as well as efficient layout of kitchen appliances are all aspects of ergonomics.

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The Rising Sun and Death be not Proud by John Donne Essay

In this essay I will mainly focus on two poems written by John Donne, The Rising Sun and Death be not proud. These poems were written during the Elizabethan era, which was an era mainly characterized by love and colonialism, on separate terms of course. These principles often influenced poets who lived during this period. Their poetry acts as testimonies of their underlying thoughts and desires. Furthermore, metaphysical poets deliver a more divine and profound perspective to their poetry. Within their conceits, they manage to engage and delight themselves in deeper movements. This essay will further discuss how John Donne used death and the sun to his disposal. I will also critically analyse the two poems as well grasp on external aspects†¦show more content†¦Eternal life thus defeats death and throughout the poem, John’s strong background of Christianity allows him to associate death with temporary entities as he refers to death as a state of â€Å"much pleasureâ⠂¬  (7). Death is conceptualized as a phase rather than an element which represents finality. Death is personified and therefore has no greater power over human beings. Death losses its fearful connotation and achieves a new meaning that makes it less intimidating and less powerful. The central theme, introduced quite early within the poem, is the helplessness of death. Throughout the poem the speaker belittles death and approaches it with such bravery and poise. Donne confronts death by saying it is not in any regard â€Å"mighty and dreadful† (2), but rather brings â€Å"much pleasure† (7). Death is personified in the poem, and in this regard, possess no greater power over man. The speaker of the poem is Donne himself. He uses his literary tools of rhetoric and poetic devices to belittle death. Throughout the poem, the speaker comes across as being slightly arrogant, but he refuses to show weakness. His arrogance shows that he is not afraid of death as he demands d eath not to be proud. Donne takes the association of death and sleep, and reinvents this comparison to a greater effect. He describes sleep as being â€Å"pictures† (5) of death and death is no more different or more frightening. He extends this metaphor throughout the poem. In the second last line of the poem heShow MoreRelatedJohn Donne1376 Words   |  6 PagesJohn Donne is the name in English Literature who gave new direction to the literary activities of his age. He is in a sense founded the metaphysical lyric, which was practiced by scare of writers. As Dowden says, â€Å"We are told that in the decline of the greater poetry of the Elizabethan period, a metaphysical school arose and that John Donne was the founder or the first eminent member of this school.† John Donne set up a new tradition in versification by and large Donne must be regarded as an originalRead MoreAnalysis Of Death Be Not Proud By John Donne1488 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout his poems, John Donne uses literary devices, such as imagery and diction, to discuss an overarching theme of death along with its religious implications, done most noticeably in the Holy Sonnet â€Å"Death Be Not Proud† and the lyrical poem â€Å"Hymn to God, My God, In My Sickness.† He also elaborates on the complexity of emotion, particularly in the metaphysical love poem, â€Å"The Flea.† Donne’s witty and clever style paired with his affinity for social and religious commentary allows his works toRead MoreDeath Be Not Proud By John Donne1329 Words   |  6 PagesThe progression of societal beliefs regarding our approach towards death is dependent upon the changing nature of both cultural and historical contexts. In Donne’s Holy Sonnet ‘Death be not proud’ he uses second person narration to address â€Å"Death† as â€Å"thou†, â€Å"thee† and â€Å"thy†, death is not considered conceptually but anthropomorphised as the poems fundamental pride. In ‘Death be not proud’, we see how the rumination of death is shaped by Elizabethan values. Through the subverted Petrarchan structureRead MoreThe Relationship Between Donnes Religious and Secular Verse.2284 Words   |  10 Pagespoet characteristics of Donne, such as in ‘I am little world when he remembers ‘the fire of lust, or his words to his ‘profane mistress in ‘what if this present. However now he regrets and ‘repents his tears wasted on his past idolatries of women, as he now feels such sensual love is far inferior to his present love for God, and even feels that such a past was ,my sin (‘Oh might these sighs). But Donne does not render his previousRead MoreJohn Donne s The Good Morrow2527 Words   |  11 PagesJohn Donne wrote â€Å"The Good Morrow† was written in 1633, and it was part of John Donne’s famous â€Å"Songs and Son nets which was consider the corner stone of his career. Donne was a very passionate writer when it came to his love poems. He was born in London in 1572 and educated in many subjects and it showed in his poems with his very strong imagery, puns, and paradoxes. He was considered one of the best metaphysical writers ever. He liked to show his vast array of knowledge in many of his works. HisRead MoreLanguage of Advertising20371 Words   |  82 Pagesor smoke cigarettes. Advertising has become increasingly international. More than ever before, corporations are looking beyond their own country`s borders for new customers. Faster modes of shipping, the growth of multinational corporations, rising personal income levels worldwide, and falling trade barriers have all encouraged commerce between countries. Because corporations are opening new markets and selling their products in many regions of the globe, they are also advertising their productsRead MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 Pagesprofessional working mother. Her life changed dramatically in 1988 when she returned to her native country of Burma to visit her sick mother. That visit occurred during a time of considerable political unrest in Burma. Riot police had recently shot to death hundreds of demonstrators in the capital city of Rangoon (the demonstrators had been protesting government repression!). Over the next several months, police killed ne arly 3,000 people who had been protesting government policies. When hundreds of thousands

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MacbethAnalysis of fear Essay Example For Students

MacbethAnalysis of fear Essay Fear, this motivates us to do many things no matter if they are right or wrong. In the play Macbeth it was fear that was the main motivating factor that influenced the outcome of the play. This can be proved by the subsequent murders that followed after Duncans, why were these committed? Because Macbeth was scared of being caught and having to pay for the wrongs he had done. Also look at Lady Macbeth, he constant washing of her hands, sleepwalking and other behaviour like this. All done out of fear, and like her husband fear of being caught. The final piece of proof I offer is Macbeths actions, they were all due to fear, not only of being caught but of the witches prophecies, he was scared of them coming true and tried to stop them from happening. This whole play was inspired by fear and what it and do to a person. To begin, well address Macbeths subsequent murders, following Duncans. For Macbeth, hes just killed the King of Scotland and blamed it on his son. It worked and he became King, however he remembered the witches prophecies. They claimed that Macbeth would be King, but it would be Banquos children that would follow after him. This made Macbeth very angry, he risked everything to become King and after him none of his family will follow. Only for them; and mine eternal jewelTo make them kings, the seeds of Banquo kings!Here Macbeth realizes that if something is not done to Banquo, then his sons will become King. Macbeth cant have this, hes already worried that his soul will go to hell for what hes already done. His fear become evident in this scene also, But to be safely thus: our fears in Banquo Stick deep; Act III, S I, L 53-54 Macbeth then has Banquo murdered, however his son Fleance escapes in the attack. Next Macduff refuses to accept Macbeth as king and flees to England to join Malcom. And also the witches tell him to beware of Macduff, which angers Macbeth and drives him to kill Macduffs family. More fear of losing the impending battle with England, makes Macbeth start doing anything that will give him an edge in the final battle. Macbeths fear is starting to consume him, he can no longer sleep and is ravaged by guilt over what hes done. As well Lady Macbeth is being comsumed by fear and guilt, she is slowing losing her sanity. This is a result of her not being able to handle what she has done to Duncan. As shown in this quoteOut, damned spot!out,I say!One;Two:why, then tis time to dot. Hell is murky. Fie, my lord, fie! a soldier and afeard? What need we fear who knows it, when none can call our power to account? Act V, S I, L 32-35 Here Lady Macbeth is trying to wash out what she sees as being blood on her hands. As well she mentions hell an obvious fear of going there for what she has done. At the start Lady Macbeth was the one pushing on Macbeth to kill Duncan but as the play goes on she becomes weaker as Macbeth becomes stronger, Macbeth isnt troubled by what he has done to the extent Lady Macbeth is. Her role in the play slowly becomes smaller and smaller as she ends up being driven mad by the guilt and soon can no longer take, and ends up taking her own life hoping that her torment will end now that she is dead . The Queen, my Lord is dead Act V, S 5, L 18, Lady Macbeth takes her life right before the battle against the english is about to begin. This taking of her own life demonstrates her fear and in the end what that fear can do to a person. .u5b885f49e9b6e376238c5a8f019b8d45 , .u5b885f49e9b6e376238c5a8f019b8d45 .postImageUrl , .u5b885f49e9b6e376238c5a8f019b8d45 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u5b885f49e9b6e376238c5a8f019b8d45 , .u5b885f49e9b6e376238c5a8f019b8d45:hover , .u5b885f49e9b6e376238c5a8f019b8d45:visited , .u5b885f49e9b6e376238c5a8f019b8d45:active { border:0!important; } .u5b885f49e9b6e376238c5a8f019b8d45 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u5b885f49e9b6e376238c5a8f019b8d45 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u5b885f49e9b6e376238c5a8f019b8d45:active , .u5b885f49e9b6e376238c5a8f019b8d45:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u5b885f49e9b6e376238c5a8f019b8d45 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u5b885f49e9b6e376238c5a8f019b8d45 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u5b885f49e9b6e376238c5a8f019b8d45 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u5b885f49e9b6e376238c5a8f019b8d45 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u5b885f49e9b6e376238c5a8f019b8d45:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u5b885f49e9b6e376238c5a8f019b8d45 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u5b885f49e9b6e376238c5a8f019b8d45 .u5b885f49e9b6e376238c5a8f019b8d45-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u5b885f49e9b6e376238c5a8f019b8d45:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Pearl harbor EssayNow we come to the witches prophecies, these are a main source of fear for Macbeth, after all where has he learned everything from. With each new vision, Macbeth falls deeper and deeper into an evil spiral. From the witches first prediction of Macbeth being king, which made Macbeth kill to become king. As well as Banquos children becoming kings, this scared Macbeth as I previously mentioned. Also when he went back to see the witches he gained some more knowledge, Macbeth! Macbeth! Macbeth! beware Macduff; Beware the thane of Fife. Act IV, S I, L 77, well now that Macbeth has heard this, he believes that he must kill Macduff, however he learns that Macduff has fled to England, so Macbeth desides to kill his family. Next in the cave Macbeth is told he cant be killed by any man born of woman, well this gives him confidence that no matter what the English will not defeat him. And he is also told that he will not be defeated until the trees of Birnam Wood move towards his castle. He has put all his faith in these prophecies, what the witches say must be true because of the first prediction. In conclusion you can see what fear can do to a person, it made Macbeth mad for power which he ended up getting. But after the first of his crimes the rest became easier for him, pretty soon hed just order it and not think twice. That was not the case when he first murdered Duncan. All though the play his fear of being caught, and the witches prophecies coming true make him do all these evil deeds. Fear had become the main movating factor in the play. Hopefully you have a better understanding of the play from all this. Bibliography:Macbeth

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Two Kinds free essay sample

She is a mother who got a second chance at having a family and is very controlling thinking she is doing what is best or her child. The narrator which is the daughter; she starts off as a normal child in the story, but the conflict between her and her mother causes her to be resentful and a underachiever. There is the father who does not say anything in the story but seems to agree with the mother. There is the Aunt Lindo that is really her mothers friend who seems to brag about her child Waverly; a character in the story who seems quite spoiled. And the piano teacher Mr. Chong who the daughter likes to refer to as â€Å"Old Chong†. He is a deaf piano teacher that has no idea that the daughter is not playing the right tunes. The mother who is very strict on her daughter, she did not think she was pushing the daughter to far. We will write a custom essay sample on Two Kinds or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The mother felt the daughter was not trying hard enough, which she showed she was very disappointed. The mother went as far as insulting the daughter and blaming her or the way she looked. In the beginning of the story the was very excited to become a prodigy. She tried real hard to get it right and please her parents. The daughter tried real hard to find out what she was perfect at. That was until the daughter no longer felt like she would ever be perfect. She spent so much time believing that she was perfect and wanting to please her parents every time she could not do something right she knew how much her mother would be disappointed and she also disappointed herself as well. The daughters whole life revolved around her being a perfect little girl. The mother just new that there was something her daughter could master. The little girl started to doubt herself, but the mother tried everything she heard or seen these little prodigy kids in America do. The Mother started to get angry because she felt her daughter was not trying hard enough. The little girl started to believe that she was just an ordinary little girl, but knew that was not except-able to her mother. Her mother spent years comparing her daughter to these other children. She was trying to find her daughters hidden talent. The mother felt her daughter could do anything she put her mind to. I think the mother felt her daughter had chances that she never had in China and did not want her to ruin her opportunity. The daughter did not understand this she just wanted to be a normal little girl and have fun. The little girl was over trying to be perfect, but the mother was not ready to give up. The mother kept on trying to show her daughter how these other kids can do these things, and that she should be able to do them as well. The mother showed her disappointment time and time again, not knowing that she was making her daughter feel self-conscious and resentful towards her. The daughter new she was never going to be perfect, and being herself would never be good enough for her mother. The little girl started to feel anger towards her parents and wanted to rebel against them. The little girl feeling so much anger with her mother would purposely fail everything her mother wanted her to do. The little girl was hoping if she disappointed her mother enough she would give up on her the way the little girl gave up on herself. The mother refusing to give up felt she new her daughter would be great at something if her daughter would just put her mind to it she could do anything. So the mother just pushed harder not knowing she was pushing her daughter away from her and away from her dreams or her. The mother was so determined even know they could not afford lessons the mother made arrangements to trade work for piano lessons. I think the mother felt that at this point the daughter would see how hard she was willing to work for her and maybe appreciate it and work harder. The little girl felt differently she was angry towards her mother and felt as if her mother did not except her for who she was and she wanted to get back at her. The daughter practiced every day with Mr. Chong not even trying her mind wondering in other places. Mr. Chong was a deaf man who could only see her hand movements, so that is how he taught her. The girl caught on fast that Mr. Chong eyes could not keep up with her hands so she used it to her advantage not to learn. Mr. Chong so proud thinking she was listening to him he was very excited because she learned how to fake him out. The mother bragged about her daughter playing the piano everyday to her friend, although the mother never herd her play until the recital. The mother wanted so bad to see her child in front of the room making her proud like all of the other mothers before her, but when the little girl went up on stage the mother didnt know that she had been just wasting her time. The little girl even had her self fooled she for a second thought maybe she could play, well maybe if Mr. Chong thought she could play maybe it was true. As she played she seen the embarrassment on her parents face; the only one who seemed to enjoy her performance was Mr. Chong. The parents wanted to run out of the room, but know their pride could never allow them to do that they stayed until the end. The little girl wanted to show her mother that she was not what she wanted her to be, but was shocked and just wish her mother would say something. When they returned home the daughter taught the mother would give up on her; she thought she knew for sure that her daughter had no talent. The little girl sat down to watch TV which angered the mother. The mother did not give up she wanted her to practice. The daughter seen how angry the mother was and was scared, so the daughter not giving up the fight hit the mother where it hurt the most. The little girl told her mother she wishes she were not alive knowing how bad that ould hurt her. The little girl won the battle against her mother; the mother gave up all hope. I think the mother felt a piece of her self die that day knowing her daughter would hurt her so bad. I think the mother knew she was loosing the daughter. I think there was a lot of misscommunication between the mother and the daughter which is very realistic in real life. It makes you wounder how Amy Tan got where she is today. The mother wanted to start over and give her child the perfect life and the daughter just thought her mother just wanted her to be a perfect child. In the end it was very ironic because they both lost the battle against each other. They did not have a good relationship because they couldnt make scene of their differences. The mother pushed her child away from her and any talent she may have had. The child chose to not even finish college. I think the child forgave her mother when it was to late and the mother never found the words to say to her daughter until the end the stubborn lady still went back to the piano,and the child finally learned how to respect and listen to what her mother had to tell her about her talent. â€Å"Two Kinds† (Tan 1952, p. 524)

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History Of An Ethical Dilemma Social Work Essay Essay Example

History Of An Ethical Dilemma Social Work Essay Essay Example History Of An Ethical Dilemma Social Work Essay Essay History Of An Ethical Dilemma Social Work Essay Essay I would be lying to Raj and bewraying her trust and their relationship is this information was disclosed to a 3rd party ( Welfel, 2006 ) . However, while in instances of kid protection informed consent is non required due to holding a statutory responsibility to describe, I can be honorable and unfastened with Raj about what I plan on making to guarantee congruity and keep the curative relationship. There are many possible struggles between ethical rules and the jurisprudence. The jurisprudence states confidentiality must be abided so long as no 1 is at injury, nevertheless the BACP ethical rules of justness and self-respect guarantee that non merely does the professional consider the clients best involvement, without doing injury to themselves. However, by adhering to confidentiality about something I am morally against I would non be suitably using the ethical rules as entitlements for myself. While I have a chief duty to maintain Raj from injury, I besides must see the Aarons right for safety. While Raj has a human right to pick, I have an ethical and professional duty to guarantee I provide Raj with necessary information to guarantee the determination made is the best possible determination for Raj and Aaron and would do the least injury. By go toing clinical supervising and line direction supervising I will be able to have counsel on covering with quandary, derive a differing position on the state of affairs. Reflection will besides assist me understand the state of affairs more clearly. Fidelity I have established an effectual remedy relationship based on trust, congruity, safety, UPR and heat with Raj. It would be untrusty of me to transgress confidentiality as Raj trusts me. However as I am required by the BACP and administration to describe kid protection, I will necessitate to be honest with Raj and explain that I will necessitate to describe the incident nevertheless it would be better if she gave her consent and explicating why this affair needs to be reported. Autonomy Throughout the guidance procedure, I have valued Raj s liberty through pick and offering power to do determinations within therapy. I must esteem her determination by maintaining her stuff confidential and her right to be autonomous and do picks independently without hinderance ( Gillon, 1985 ) . However by assisting Raj see the state of affairs and effects exhaustively, through all positions, she will be able to do an informed determination. By deriving informed consent I will be staying by BACP guidelines every bit good as esteeming my client s right to pick and accurate information and being client-centred. By explicating my ethical duties in the catching procedure and repeating this and my demands in safeguarding kids when Raj made the revelation, I am informing her of foreseeable struggles every bit shortly as possible. Beneficence Raj is vulnerable, baffled, frightened and hard-pressed, therefore is it non certain if she is able to recognize her best involvement. She may non be moving rationally due to her fright of her ex-husband and concern over her boy. By explicating why it would be in her best involvements and Aarons best involvements to unwrap child maltreatment, I am demoing a committedness to advancing her wellbeing every bit good as being concrete and honest. Non-maleficence The action that would do the least sum of injury to Raj is to do the safeguarding qui vive without unwraping where I gained the information. While this will restrict the action societal services can take against her hubby and to protect her boy, it will guarantee that her hubby will non happen out that she or Aaron disclosed the maltreatment. If I was to non do the safeguarding qui vive, Raj would stay hard-pressed and fearing for her boy s safety which would do her farther emotional injury. Justice Raj has human rights to freedom and pick over her determination and the support she receives and the right to esteem for private and household life, nevertheless she and Aaron have a right to prohibition of anguish. The fairest determination for both Raj and Aaron is to do the safeguarding qui vive with informed consent. By honoring her right to information I am being fair by helping her to do an informed determination. I am besides being just to myself in staying by BACP moralss, the jurisprudence and organizational policies. Self-Respect I am being asked to travel against my ain beliefs and ethical motives every bit good statutory jurisprudence and BACP ethical guidelines, therefore conflicting with my right to beneficence, liberty, non-maleficence, justness and my human rights. BACP province informed consent should be sought before transgressing confidentiality, nevertheless the administrations policies province that clients do non necessitate to be informed when transgressing confidentiality for kid protection affairs, which would be dishonest of me and impact the curative relationship. This causes struggles within what is being asked of me, professionally, ethically, lawfully and morally what I feel is right. To work through these struggles I attended clinical supervising and discussed the quandary with my line director. Possible Courses of Action As a member of the BACP I am required to keep assurance at Raj s petition. By supplying a principle as to why confidentiality needs to be breached, I could work within the boundaries of my occupation and BACP ethical guidelines by assisting Raj to understand that this revelation would help in guaranting Aarons safety in the hereafter as processs would be put into topographic point to forestall farther injury to Aaron and a safety program can be formed to guarantee Raj is safe from injury from her ex-husband. I could explicate to her that when I make the revelation to societal services, I do nt hold to unwrap her personal inside informations and she can stay anon. therefore her ex-husband will non cognize that she has reported the incident. I can besides explicate to societal services that Aaron is at hazard of farther injury so processs will be put into topographic point to protect him should the incident be investigated. This will hopefully set Raj at easiness. Raj would necessitate to give written informed consent for me to portion her information with a 3rd party ( Welfel, 2006 ) , supplying she is to the full informed of all the facts to do that pick ( Gerch and Dhomhnaill ( 2005 ) . This would guarantee I am staying by the Data Protection Act ( 1998 ) . By giving a principle, offering a different position and accurate and necessary information, Raj will be able to do an informed determination. Raj is more likely to give me informed consent to do the revelation if I show her that she can swear me to see her best involvements and guarantee her safety every bit far as possible. I will let Raj clip to do up her head, and inquire inquiries to guarantee she does non experience pressured ( McLeod, 2010 ) . The other option is to transgress confidentiality without Raj s consent as a kid is at hazard of injury. This would intend the revelation could be made Oklahoman as I would non necessitate to talk to Raj therefore action to guarantee Aaron s safety could be taken Oklahoman. However, in making so I will damage the curative relationship, interrupting her trust and doing more psychological injury as she I would so be another individual in her life whom she trusted but allow her down, which will so do her more vulnerable and do trust issues within future relationships. Furthermore, Raj could take legal action against me or the administration ( Jenkins, 2007 ) . By taking this class of action I will be traveling against BACP ethical guidelines, the administrations ethos and my ain values and ethical motives as an integrative practician every bit good as safeguarding statute laws. To guarantee Raj s safety I still could maintain Raj s personal inside informations confidential when doing th e safeguarding qui vive. Course of Action Having referred to the Children s Act ( 1989, 2004 ) and it s back uping counsel for safeguarding kids ( HM Government, 2006, 2010 ) . I will explicate to Raj that due to ethical guidelines, the administrations policies sing kid protection and statutory and common jurisprudence every bit good as my moral responsibility of attention towards Aaron, I need to transgress confidentiality as stated in the guidance contract. I will explicate to her that this safeguarding qui vive will help in guaranting her boy s safety in the hereafter as there will be a record made and that societal services will make whatever they can to forestall farther injury to Aaron. I will explicate to Raj that when I raise this qui vive to societal services, if she prefers, I will non unwrap her personal inside informations, I will keep her namelessness in conformity to the information protection act ( 1998 ) ( Jenkins, 2007 ) and I will non unwrap where I got this information from therefore her hubby will non cog nize that she has reported the incident. However I will besides explicate to Raj that should she give me permission to unwrap where I got this information from it will be farther aid as the more grounds I can supply, the better opportunity there is of societal services moving upon the revelation. I will explicate that this is wholly her pick and I will esteem whatever determination she make, but I am professionally, ethically and lawfully required to transgress confidentiality, therefore enabling her to do an informed pick. Thus Raj would experience more confident and knowing about her determination and she will hold a pick in her determination ( BMAED, 2004, pp. 74 ) , therefore esteeming her liberty and Human Rights ( Bond, 2010 ) . I will besides explicate that due to my regard for Raj I would wish her permission to do this revelation and to hold upon what information will be shared every bit good as staying by BACP guidelines and the jurisprudence. By explicating to Raj why this action must be taken, how I will guarantee her and Aarons safety is maintained every bit much as possible and explicating each measure I will take and the information to be shared, I am demoing Raj that I value her and her sentiment, I have her best involvements at bosom and that protecting Aaron and keeping her safety is cardinal within the work that I am making. Ultimately I am representing she can swear me and supplying her with a safe environment, free from penalty. By besides offering alternate positions such as explicating the possible effects of non doing the safeguarding qui vive would besides let Raj to do an informed pick ( BACP, 2010 ) . It is of import that I am honest with Raj and that I give her the necessary information as this would represent fidelity, client liberty, regard, and equality. I will reassure Raj that I will back up her, listen to her and that as an Asiatic counselor I can understand her concerns sing household honor and confidentiality therefore I will keep her namelessness it she feels that it what she wants to make. By taking this class of action I show that I have considered catholicity, promotion and justness ( Bond, 2010, Gabriel and Casemore, 2010 ) and the ethical, legal and professional deductions, whereby I am staying by the BACP ethical model, the administrations policies on kid protection and statutory jurisprudence sing informations protection, confidentiality, and kid protection and safeguarding vulnerable grownups. Furthermore, I have considered the effects of this action within supervising, sing the consequence on the curative relationship, my ain rights and legal deductions if informed consent is non sought. Evaluation of the result The result was that after the 4th session, with informed consent I made a safeguarding qui vive whilst besides keeping Raj s namelessness, which led to societal services look intoing on Aaron and a record being made. Raj attended a farther where she reflected upon her curative advancement, her self-esteem and shared her determination to use for exclusive detention of Aaron. I would take this action once more for other clients and feel I made the right determination as I was honest, gave the necessary information, respected Raj s liberty, beneficence, maleficence and ensured that the determination was just for everyone involved, prevented farther injury to Raj, Aaron and abided by ethical and legal guidelines ( Bond, 2010, Gabriel and Casemore, 2010 ) . Furthermore, I considered the client s civilization and presenting issues which were relevant to guaranting her safety. Over all, I promoted the clients well-being and protected her from injury. Curative Relationship When clients are able to see us as truly concerned for them, that we are non seting on a professional facade, they will experience safe with us because we are dependable ( Merry, 2002 ) . By being honest about what I was meaning to make and explicating I was congruous yet mindful of the client s frame of mention and experience I highlighted I was sincere in offering aid. Beyond the physical cicatrixs, domestic force has profound effects on a adult females s dignity. Lewis ( 2003 ) stated an abused adult female needs to recover power and control over her life by doing independent picks and determinations. Carl Rogers ( 1951 ) highlighted that we all have the capacity to be to the full working if our power is given acknowledgment. Through a client centred attack based on regard, credence and pick, I helped Raj to recognize her worth and power within the curative relationship and therefore authorising her. Roger s nucleus conditions ( 1951 ) promote adult females to develop power from inside them in order to achieve improved self-awareness and to take control. Therefore by leting Raj to take control over what was go oning in therapy, I was assisting her become independent, and take control over the picks she wanted in life, whilst besides protecting her from injury and understanding her cultural demands through empathy and UPR. The addition in self-este em would enable farther self-awareness, which would subsequently assist accomplish successful therapy outcomes from alterations in personality and behavior ( Rogers, 1951 ) . These points highlight that I had provided a good quality of attention and maintained a good curative relationship ( BACP, 2010 ) . It must be considered, it is due to the effectual relationship that Raj felt comfy to do the revelation and through offering her power and liberty and being honest, she felt comfy with giving her consent as I was able to represent that her and Aaron s safety was paramount.

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Feasibility Study to explore the potential viability of a business in Coursework

Feasibility Study to explore the potential viability of a business in the UAE - Coursework Example Feasibility Study to explore the potential viability of a business in the UAE Essentially a feasibility study intended to explore the viability of a business idea or entity involves various considerations.The intended feasibility study revolves within the tourism industry. This paper intends to consider venturing in hospitality section in one of the Emirates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This is a service industry that will offer all the hospitality services in a 3- star hotel, particularly to tourists both home-based and international (NEYADI, 2002). Hospitality industry in the UAE is one of the competitive ventures. Both the local and global investors have for the past decade invested in this industry, and have continued to sustain the market trends in service delivery and client satisfaction. United Arab Emirates The coverage and vastness of how much the United Arab Emirates has developed in almost all sectors of economy, primarily in the last decade is consummate, even ahead of the global standards (MAHMOUD, 2012). This incredible growth in political, social and economic sectors has put the United Arabs Emirate in the international chart as one of the cutthroat commercial centers in the world. The UAE is situated in the East of the Arab globe. It stretches to the Gulf of Oman and to the North of the Arabian. UAE has an area of 83,600 km2. The area has plentiful islands. Sand dunes, isolated oases, and extensive deserts characterize the region. Abu Dhabi is the largest of the Emirates. It has an area of 67,300Km2, followed by Dubai with 3,900Km2 and Sharjah occupy an area of 2,600 Km2 (NEYADI, 2002). A federation of seven Emirates formed the United Arab Emirates in 197. The emirates include Sharjah, Ras Al Khima, Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and Umm Al Quwain. The political structure The UAE observes distinctive leadership. It has no legal political parties. The supreme power rests with the seven heritable Emirs sheikhs. The President who is the commander in chief heads the Armed forces. The prime minister heads the defense ministry and he is the ruler of Dubai. Rulers administrate the other emirates. The Federal National Council, which was formed in 1972, is the UAE parliament (MAHMOUD, 2012). The FNC is presumed as the milestone of the federation’s legitimate and legislative process. The FDC is accountable in advising the cabinet arm of the government and the supreme council. However, the FNC has no jurisdiction to take precedence over the arms’ decisions. The principal function of the council is to offer administrative and lawmaking roles as stipulated by the constitution. The UAE was founding associate of the (GCC). The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members include UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Sultanate of Oman. This kind of leadership has continually provided a stable political environment, which is conducive for investments. Economic trend Political stability has contributed immeasurably to the economic growth attributed to primary sectors of the economy. Some of these sectors include tourism, agriculture oil and gas. The UAE’s GDP has continually grown due to the unremitting political stability (MAHMOUD, 2012). The consequent economic stability is the significant factor for both home and global investors. It is essential to note that, the projected 3-star hotel and resort stands a better position in developing at a high rate due to the well- established financial backdrop based on sound economic ethics under the management of sound institutions (NEYADI, 2002). The social patterns in relation to the UAE population The UAE’